Car Detailing Tricks That Will Help You Make The Job Easier

Cleaning a car is usually a man’s job, but that’s not a rule. There are also a lot of single women who own cars and do the inside and outside cleaning of it by themselves. Sometimes it can be even fun, you can bring the music volume to maximum and you can clean the car in a day when you feel you have been to lazy and need to do some exercise. Doing this type of work help you put those muscles in motion.

Many of us give our homes a good cleaning, usually when spring comes or at the end of summer, but what about our cars? They also need a detailed cleaning! Stop for a moment and think now how many hours you spend in the car, driving to work, do the necessary shopping, probably a couple of hours a day! So, cleaning it properly is absolutely necessary for your own well being and health.

What you will need for doing the cleaning: a bucket with water, an absorbing chamois, a couple of dry rags, liquid soap, Q-tips, paper towels, glass cleaner, glycerin, sponge brush, Vaseline and other things you think you might need then let the fun begin.


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How to do it:

1. Clean the vents with the help of the Q-tips which were previously dipped in some cleaning solution.There is a lot of dirt and dust stuck in them which in time if inhaled can cause allergies.

2. Clean the dashboard with some water and cleaning solution then apply some Vaseline over to give it a little shine.

3. Give the door handle and the grill a proper clean. Remove any stuck insects in the grill area.

4. Use some baby wipes to clean the windshield.

5. When you clean the outside of the car, add 8 drops of glycerin to the water, it will keep your car shiny and will help with repelling the bugs.

6. Vacuum your car and if possible to remove the seat covers, remove them and wash them.

7. Use glass cleaner to give your windows and lights a shine.

Remember that to maintain the car clean and fresh for a longer period of time you gotta have a cleaning schedule. You can reserve an hour every week, in a day you prefer, to do some vacuuming and dust wiping in the car. If done regularly, it will be much easier to keep your car clean!

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