Fun Ways to Keep Yourself Busy During Quarantine

Moving forward as a global society is a fairly new notion. Doing business, making moves, and going on vacation around the world, in the manner we do so today, is less than 100 years old. Before then, when a group of people went from one continent to another, they brought with them the organisms of their land. In some cases, it decimated populations.

Today, we still experience a little bit of that. We get sick when we travel to Asia or Africa. It’s not the airplane air. It’s not the ice being unfiltered. It’s a change in the environment.

With our globalized society, we have to accept that there will be instances in which we have to stay home for the greater good. Any microbiologist, epidemiologist, or even geologist will tell you that it is an inevitability.

Whether you’re quarantined due to a virus, or due to unsafe weather conditions, that doesn’t mean you have to stay bored and unproductive. You will get through it. If you find yourself in this kind of predicament, here are some fun ways to keep yourself busy while on quarantine.

Start a Vlog

This is the perfect time to start a vlog. If you’re an entertainer, or ever wanted to be one, this the opportunity to put your acting chops to the test. You can make characters and even assign costumes. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s good or not. It’s content. You can throw together a costume made of old suits and some cheap wigs to add some comedic depth to the character. It doesn’t even have to be a comedy. You can take monologues from your favorite plays and scenes from your favorite movies.

There is no end to the creative output you can achieve when all you have is time. Don’t be shy. Just do it for fun! Nobody has to see it. Then again, who knows? You might be the next big thing.

Try Origami 

Difficult skills are always a worthwhile pursuit. When you’re inside, there are a whole host of things you can do that involve focus, persistence, and practice. One such thing is origami. If you’ve got paper and internet access, you can practice making simple to elaborate shapes with just paper. It’s an outlet of creativity that focuses the mind on a single task of straight folds.

The outcome of a compiled singular action, in this case, turns your boring old paper into flowers, elephants, and peacocks.

Learn New Magic Tricks

One skill that most people start out doing and then quit is magic. Magic may seem like a trivial pursuit but it is not. Magic, especially close up forms like card magic, are just as controlled and physically tasking as any dexterity skill. The ability to use misdirection and fast hands and then wove them into a story is a difficult thing to do. The upside is, you can get the basics down pretty easily.

Spend a few days trying to do different holds and carries. Do these tricks slowly in front of the mirror the way a boxer slowly executes a punch. In the end, it’s all technique and drilling. Once you master it, no matter how simple the trick might be, it will always be a fun thing to pull out of your pocket when you’re with your friends.

Get Some Exercise 

Not everybody likes working out. Some of us are flat-out intimidated by gyms, and the thought of having to get up early and fit some sweaty routine into our busy lives is enough to cause a minor panic. Well, during quarantine, you don’t have a busy schedule. You don’t have a boss telling you to run around town. So in the safety and comfort of your own home, it’s a good idea to try some sort of exercise routine. It doesn’t have to be “insanity” or “Zumba”. It can be something as simple as a few squats and a few push-ups.

If the idea of a push-up brings flashbacks and bad feelings, do them against a wall. Once you can do 10 on a wall, do 10 against a table. Once you can do that, do 10 against a chair. You can move on at whatever speed and pace you want, just as long as you keep getting progress.

Being in quarantine doesn’t have to be boring. It can be an opportunity to explore the skills you’ve always wanted to acquire. All you have to do is get out of your own way. That pesky little voice in your head telling you to not do something? Everybody has that. What makes one different is the ability to prove that little voice wrong. Once you do that, you can do anything you want to do under quarantine.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash.

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