10 Budget Friendly Travel Tips

We stress ourselves with our packed routines. Of course we need to drag ourselves to work each day, to earn that buck and pay our bills. But doing the same thing in and out each day can literally burn you out!
The best way to beat all that built up stress is, nope not to sleep on your couch all day, but to travel! Yes, travelling gives you so many experiences in a short while that it can instantly perk up your spirits and boost your creativity! And just in case you begin to make excuses that it is reserved for the rich, well guess what, that is purely a myth!
We unravel here the best tips that can help you travel safe yet cheap.

1. Fly Smart
It always helps to plan your trip early because you can save a lot of money simply by booking in advance! Also direct flights are more expensive, so pick those with multiple stops. Try out low cost airlines such as Easyjet, Wizzair, Ryanair etc. Signing up for travel cards is a great idea, as you can keep accumulating miles that you can redeem later for offers!

2. Carpool
Hitting the road is one of the best and the cheapest ways to catch scenery and look up a place at leisure. It is best to find people heading your way and pool in with them. Although a tad adventurous and bordering on the dangerous, it may be worth your while to find some suitable groups headed in the same direction. You could also find them online.

3. Accommodation
The earlier you book the cheaper it is! Here again, planning in advance is the key to save some money. Or, the option is to simply wait till the last moment; you can get dirt cheap prices for a booking on the day you land up. (However, it is possible you might not find rooms at all, so our advice is, don’t wait). Also hostels are a great way to meet with fellow travelers and also stay within your budget. Nowadays, you also have the option of themed hostels. These are definitely worth a try!

4. Volunteer
Sure you have some talents up your sleeve. And these can also help you get free accommodation and sometimes even food! Teaching kids or helping with farm work while you are travelling can give you the opportunity to mingle with localites, save money, and sometimes, you can even get paid!

5. Couch Surf
A great way to see the world is through couch surfing! There is a global community of people who help out travelers by providing them shelter for free! Just sign up, write up a little bit about yourself, and you are good to go! And as a plus, the shelter providing family can also give you some insider tips on the city. So don’t miss out on this one!

6. Bid for Last Minute Deals
Websites such as or offer holiday and flight deals based on a bidding structure. You can find abysmally cheap last minute deals here. However, sometimes the best deals require that you head to your destination the same day that you won the bid, so these websites are for real travel freaks with flexible dates. Nonetheless, for regular people too, these sites have some amazing deals. So check them out!

7. Groupon/Scoopon offers
Some companies choose to promote their brand by offering discounts. This could be on food or accommodation or both. Sign up for these and you are on a roll! However, make sure that you read the offers well to understand what exactly they entail. It also helps to check out their reviews on tripadvisor!

8. Cook your own meals
It hardly takes five to fifteen minutes to snap up a good sandwich or to fix yourself a good breakfast! Use your skills and you can save a lot by not depending on restaurants. Leave your room after having a sizeable breakfast and pack yourself some sandwiches. And try to avoid touristy food outlets; chances are that they will be expensive and food quality may not be as good. If you must eat out, try food available at far-off and less crowded locations!

9. Depend on no-one for Entertainment
Volunteers across the world provide free walking tours in their cities, simply to make friends and practice their English! You could join in and learn the city like an insider. Or just walk around on your own and observe how people in this other country go about their regular routines. Various free festivals, museum tours etc are organized locally; all you need to do is be pre-informed by checking out information on the web!

10. Watch your Money
Keep track of your money at all times, since that will decide how long you can continue your travel. Choose your place for exchange carefully; the highest rates of Forex are at airports and hotels. Get in touch with travel guides or websites to find information on where you can save money on Forex.

Now that you have read through these tips, you can travel around the world and never exceed your budget!

10 Budget Friendly Travel Tips

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