Braided Bun Tutorial for Short Hair

We presented you lots of hairstyle tutorials for long hair, how to make buns, special ponytails, braids, but we have today an amazing tutorial for women with shorter hair that find more difficult to have their hair done in buns, not to mention ever considering braiding it. It is easier than it seems and even if you don’t have a long hair you can still fake it and make it look long and amazing. So, if your hair reaches your shoulder, or at least neck, it is perfect.

Braided Bun Tutorial for Short Hair

What you will need:
– curling iron;
– hair elastic;
– bobby pins;
– hairspray.

Directions: Curl your hair with a curling iron then split it into three sections in the back, 2 small ones on the sides and a bigger one in the middle which you will gather in a ponytail. After you have made the ponytail, make a bun from it, either only with your hair, or adding some extra helpers as a sock (then you have a sock bun). Fix the bun with some bobby pins. Now, take the hair from one side and start braiding it and fix it to the bun. Do the same for the other side, fix with bobby pins and your hairstyle is ready. Add some hairspray for a better hold and enjoy your day or night out!

Braided Bun Tutorial for Short Hair

Photo courtesy: thebeautydepartment.

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