Braided Back T-shirt – DIY

Braided Back T-shirt - DIY

If you would like to get wild and crazy about your shirt designs, you will for sure try this idea for yourself.

You will need:
– T-shirt;
– fabric sheers;
– thread/ needle.

Directions: Draw an upside down T shape with rounded corners on the back of your shirt, and cut along the lines. Now take the middle piece and cut it into 3 strips that you will braid. Now cut the lateral section remaining from the T shape, into strips that you will also braid, therefore cut a multiple of three strips. Keep in mind you should braid these strips pointing towards the middle, for a clean look. Sew each of the braids to the middle one and carefully cut off excess fabric. Now, to create the top, cut off the sleeves at the seam and repeat the 3 sections from the back, for the upper side in the front, then braid and tie together with the vertical braided in the back. Be careful with the details. Enjoy!

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