Bra for Backless Dress – DIY

For when you are planning to wear a backless dress you always have to think about what bra you will wear, since it is a very important thing to never wear a bra at the eyesight of people. This is why today we decided to present to you a DIY project for making your own bra for a backless dress.

You will need:
– an old bra (or new if you need one done immediately);
– needle and thread;
– pliers for cutting the chain;
– scissors;
– colored ribbon, lace, pearls, chain, or other embellishments that fit your dress.

Directions: Start by cutting off the ends with the attachments of the bra, right behind the straps (if you do not want to sew them back separately). Like this you will make space for the showing part of the dress. In the pictures we share with you, you can notice that the straps needed to be sewed back on the bra. The new back piece you will make it out of chain and ribbon. Cut two equal parts that fit the width of my back and sew them to the bra. Take the ribbons ad sew them on the chains so that you can fixate the bra tying the ribbons in a cute bow.

Bra for Backless Dress - DIY

Photo courtesy: pearlsandscissors.

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  1. I love this idea!!! I have this gorgeous backless dress for my college gala and I dont have enough boob to go braless, this is the perfect solution. cant wait to try it!

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