Bold and Sparkly – The Ultimate Look for the Evening Party

Dramatic and bold eye-make up is a statement in itself that guarantees you no blink-and-you-miss-her moments! The aura that exudes from the lady who is able to carry off this make-up with élan captivates her on-lookers like they have been struck by the magic wand! So learn to get that look, right here:

1. Using a black shadow in matte, define the orbicularis line (Don’t mess it up, Google it if you don’t know!);

2. Apply cream eyeshadow in silver colour to the lid;

3. With ultimate care and precision, apply colourful glitter to the lid (psst! Hint -you could use MAC 3D Silver Glitter);

4. Smudge the defined orbicularis line towards the outside using a black shadow with golden sparkles;

5. Now, use a champagne coloured shadow and define the arch of the brow;

6. Take a wee bit of a lilac shade and lightly apply to the inner corner of the eyes;

7. Use kohl to line the lower water-line;

8. Next, use an eyeliner to make a vivid ‘cat-wing’;

9. Finish the look with false lashes!

You are now officially, The ‘Oomph’ Queen! Watch how the world stops in its tracks as you make your grand entrance to that party!

Bold and Sparkly – The Ultimate Look for the Evening Party

Image: lilimakes.

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