Body Wrap That Helps You Lose Weight

If you would be asked if you would want to lose some inches around your belly area what would you respond? Probably yes, but how can you make that happen? Even if this sounds easy, usually easy things are life changing so you don’t have other choice than to try this out and convince yourself on how efficient this method is. Adding some patience and perseverance to the mix will take you to the desired results.

What you will need:

– lotion that contains seaweed, mud and kelp and literally anything from the ocean;
– plastic wraps;
– bandage wrap.


1. Take the lotion and apply it to the problem area. If you have problems on other areas too apply it also there.

2. Put a good amount of product on the skin.

3. Now, use the plastic wraps to wrap yourself and this will keep the lotion in heat for a thermal effect. Be careful to not wrap yourself too tight, you still want the blood in your system to circulate properly so be aware.

4. Take the bandage wrap and apply it over the plastic one.

5. Go to sleep and in the morning take everything down and shower properly.

We know it is uncomfortable to sleep like that but the results will satisfy you so much that you will forget about the sacrifices you have made!

Keep being AllDayChic!

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  1. Hi. Just a quick question. After wrapping yourself with the clingfilm do you then have to wrap yourself with a bandage or can it be for example a scarf? Let me know

  2. U know i can buy wraps for 30$ for a pack of four wraps ?! Vheaper then itworks i simply cant afford itworks wraps

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