Blue Smokey Eyes – DIY Makeup Tutorial

Smokey eyes are loved by a lot of women, they give special depth to the eyes and depending on the color you naturally have, there are more variations of what you can apply on the lids. For example, for eyes colored in blue or green, the classic dark smokey eye makeup looks amazing, for eyes that are colored in black or hazel, other tones like blue, green, maybe purple look the best. The idea is that contrasts create a beautiful effect and make the eyes pop out more. Today you will find out how you can make a blue smokey eye very easily and within just a few steps.


What you will need:
– eye primer;
– blue eyeshadow in 2 shades (a lighter and a darker one);
– blue eye pencil;
– white eye pencil;
– blending brush;
– normal brush.

1. The very first step it is to apply the eye primer to your lids, you can also use your fingers.
2. Apply a layer of white eye pencil to the entire lid.
3. Take the normal brush and apply the lighter shade of eyeshadow to the eyes.
4. Take the blending brush and apply the darker shade more on the upper side and try to blend the colors together. Follow the pictures for a better understanding.
5. In the end take the blue eye pencil and insist with it next to your lash line like you line your eyes and the makeup is ready!

Photo courtesy: cosmopolitan.

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