Black And Red Striped Nails – DIY Tutorial

A little more out of the ordinary, but still in the limits of normal and all day wearable, this nail art tutorial will give you just a little challenges but you will love the results. It is an interesting nail design that is perfect for those who love stripes on nails and different patterns that are similar. Even if you love the red and black which is a very good color combination for this type of tutorial, you can make it with whatever colors you want depending on your mood and personal preferences.

do it yourself nail design

What you will need:
– red and black nail polish;
– some thin stripes you can stick to your nails.

1. Paint all your nails in red and let the polish dry very well. When you stick the stripes on it, you don’t want to remove them together with the polish.
2. Apply some thin stripes on each and every nail and here you can play as much as you want with your creativity by making something identical or similar to what you can see in the pictures. The point is you want to have some zig-zags and some “X”-es on your nails. You can make a very different pattern on one of your nails so it looks much more interesting, like a clepsidra.
3. Apply black nail polish over the nails and let them dry for a few minutes.
4. Remove the stripes gently and wait a few minutes before you do anything, you have to leave the polish dry very well so you don’t ruin it.

Photo courtesy: chalkboardnails.

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