Black And Bronze Nail Art

For all the girls out there who love black nails, this tutorial is for you. If you got bored of classic black nails, spice them up a little bit with some bronze color. This nail art is so easy to make that you won’t believe it and can be worn at any time of the day, any occasion, just make sure it matches your style and clothes. A lot of you might like silver more than bronze or other colors, which isn’t a problem, just change them as you wish but keep the black as a base color. We bet you didn’t try many tutorials as easy to make as this one!

Black And Bronze Nail Art

What you will need:
– black nail polish;
– bronze nail polish (if you want to change the color it is up to you);
– one pin to mix the polishes between them;
– top coat.

1. Start painting your nails one by one and you choose with what nail you want to start with.
2. Apply black nail polish on the nail and while it is still wet make a straight line with the bronze nail polish over it, exactly in the middle.
3. Take the pin and make some zig-zag moves from the top to the bottom so you will have the colors mixed as you can see in the pictures.
4. Repeat these steps for all of your nails and let the polish dry before you go to the next step.
5. Make sure you add a layer of top coat over each and every nail so the polish lasts more and looks shinier. We hope you enjoy your beautiful manicure!

Photo courtesy: labmuffin

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