Best Way to Apply Fake Eyelashes

Not every girl is gifted with big fat lashes, so it happens that sometimes you need to use fake lashes in order to create that beautiful makeup for yourself. The challenge comes in when you have to apply them and don’t really know how. Lets’ say you know how to apply them, but they seem to not last as much as you want and they come off. We will show you the best way to apply fake lashes so you won’t have these problems in future. Besides lasting a lot, no one will notice you have fake lashes.

What you will need:

– fake lashes;
– glue;
– scissors;
– black eyeshadow;
– makeup brush;
– liquid eyeliner.


1. Take the lashes and measure them by attaching them to the lash line. You have to see if you need to cut more of them or not at all.

2. Cut down the excess lash.

3. Apply the glue to the fake lash line and be careful to not put too much, it will be too heavy and the risks of falling down will be bigger.

4. Apply the lashes to your lash line and let them stick to it and dry.

5. Take the liquid eyeliner and line your eyes then apply a black eyeshadow to the base of the lashe to be sure you covered up any glue that was on sight.

6. Enjoy your look!

Best Way to Apply Fake Eyelashes

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