Best Makeup To Hide Tiredness

When we are tired, we look much older than we really are. Puffed eyes, black lines and strange shades on the face, all contribute to the bad look. Our lifestyles are changing and becoming more and more crazy. A lot of women now need to go to work, raise children, take care of the house and please their husband. It is so much to do that in many cases tiredness is inevitable and it is shown on the face. Sometimes we wish to have a magic wand and with one spell make all the black bags under the eyes disappear, but it is not quite possible. Fortunately, for those situations, we have makeup! It can’t transform us in seconds, but it can do it in minutes. When you are tired and of course look tired, try out this way of doing your makeup and see how you will feel about yourself. Will boost your confidence and take away a few artificially added ages on your face.

What you will need:
– light and dark strong coverage foundations (2 shades are enough);
– foundation brush or sponge;
– face powder;
– eyeshadow of your choice and eyeliner;
– mascara and eyebrows pencil;
– lipstick.

1. The secret in this makeup look is how you actually apply the foundation on the face. This will make the big difference between tired and not tired.
2. Take the light shade foundation and apply it to the areas as seen in the picture from the upper right side. These will be the areas that will catch light and hide the dark shades.
3. Following the same picture apply the dark foundation on the shown areas.
4. With the help of the foundation brush or sponge, blend the colors together in the skin. The results will be amazing.
5. Apply some powder on the face to set the foundation (this is especially important if you have oily face).
6. Do your eye makeup and brows as you please and remember to finish the look with some lipstick. If you follow this contouring technique the results will surprise you!

with and without makeup with and without makeup (5) with and without makeup (4) with and without makeup (3) with and without makeup (2) with and without makeup (7) with and without makeup (6) with and without makeup with and without makeup (2) with and without makeup (3)

Photo courtesy:  samerkhouzami makeup.

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  1. Oh my gosh! If I was already tired and knew I had all of that ahead of me to make me look un-tired, I think I would stay with the tired look!

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