How to Create a Bedroom for the Perfect Night’s Sleep

We all suffer from inadequate sleep now again, and some more than others. But, did you know there are a few little changes you can make to have a great night’s sleep every day? That’s right. With a few small adjustments, your room will be calling you to sleep every evening, and you’ll look forward to getting into bed.

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So, how can it be done? Here are a few top tips to get you on the road to sleeping like a log and not worrying if you’ll be awake half the night. Just don’t fall asleep before the end!

1. Keep it Cool

Being hot in bed is just one of the reasons that we toss and turn all night. So during warm months, it’s a good idea to keep the window slightly ajar for a breeze to flow in. And, during the winter, don’t have the heating on all night as you’ll be up in the early hours feeling sweaty.

It’s also a nice idea to have a humidifier to keep the air between 30 and 40% humidity This is particularly effective in dry months.

2. Lights Out

Well, obviously we don’t sleep with a big white light on above our beds. But, just a little light can have a significant effect. If there are street lamps outside, it may be time to invest in some black-out curtains, as they can really disturb your rest.

Also, ban any screens in the bedroom. Did you know that watching TV or looking at your phone can affect your sleep greatly? Even just a few minutes of screen time can do a lot of damage. It’s better to get into the habit of reading before bed.

3. A Comfy Bed

Some of us like soft, squishy beds, and others a firmer one. Whatever kind you like, you want it to be as comfortable as possible so. Memory foam mattresses are super comfy and can be found in all kinds of designs.

As well as the mattress, bedding is very important. Some good quality sheets can go a long way. And don’t have anything too heavy as you may feel squashed and suffocated in the middle of the night. Heavy things on top can actually cause nightmares too.

4. Block Out Noise

The last thing you want when you’re ready to crash is a party next door or a car alarm down the street. Some earplugs can be really useful if you find that you can’t get your head down unless in complete silence.

This is another reason to get that TV out of your room. It may be easy to fall asleep to, but even though you don’t notice, you’re still listening even when you’re asleep. So, give your brain some rest and take it to another room.

5. Make Your Bed

This is something quick and easy to do every morning before you leave for work. There’s just something special about getting into a neat and tidy bed, instead of one where the sheets are all over the place.

This helps to create a relaxed and calm feeling before you even get into it. So it’s worth taking a couple of minutes each morning to make sure it’s done.

6. Keep it Tidy

Even if you aren’t the world’s tidiest person, keeping at least the bedroom free of clutter adds to the serenity. And that is the feeling you want when you go to rest. If you are laying in a messy room, your mind may take on similar feelings and won’t be able to relax properly.

7. Relaxing Scents

Perhaps you think that a smell seems like a silly idea to help you get more shut-eye. But, it can do wonders. There are some available that are specifically designed to help you relax and unwind.

Lavender is said to put you in a relaxed mood and actually cause drowsiness. So a few scented candles and lavender-infused detergent may not be a bad idea after all.

8. Meditation

Sometimes we think that this is a lengthy task that you need to set aside a whole part of your day. Well, it’s not. It can be done in a few minutes and aid you in winding down just before bed. You can find advice and videos online these days to show what to do if you’ve never done it before.

Transform Your Sleep Space

We hope that if you put into action just a few of these ideas that you’ll be able to rest better after a long day. There’ll be no more nights spent awake for hours, and you’ll be feeling refreshed every morning. Trust us, they really work.

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