Beauty Tricks For The Best Selfies

Sometimes you might like to take a selfie of yourself but you seem to not succeed at all. Your face either looks funny, the light might be bad or you just don’t seem to know how to properly make it. Selfies are becoming more and more popular and almost all phones have special cameras integrated for that purpose. If you would like to take more selfies of you and post them online, we will tell you some awesome tricks so you can take the best possible selfies.

8 Beauty Tricks for Taking Your Best Selfie

Tricks for the best selfies:

1. Always have a purpose
Exposing just your beauty in a bathroom selfie can get boring if you do it each and every time. People like pictures with meaning, so if you have a purpose behind it that is awesome. Best pictures are taken when you do something, when you tell a story behind the cute looks.

2. Good light
A good lighting makes such a difference, always try to catch the light on face and don’t do the opposite, to sit with your back to the light. It will make your face dark and accentuate your imperfections. A good light enhances the appearance and makes your eyes pop out more.

3. Find the right angle
If you keep your camera too close to your face you risk making pics with fishbowl effect. Try to keep it at a reasonable distance from your face.

4. Try to pose the angle that suits you the best
Not everyone has perfect symmetrical face and for that reason try to avoid a straight on photo. Instead make a small angle with your face when taking a picture.

5. Avoid double chin
Even if you don’t have one, some shots might make you look like you have double chin. Consciously elongate your neck when taking a picture.

6. Avoid making a duck face
Everyone knows that a duck face makes your lips look fuller. If you have thin lips you better use makeup tricks to make them look fuller not the duck face.

7. Keep a sort of a mystery in the picture
Sometimes it is nice too see pictures that only highlight some parts of the face.

8. Use filters to enhance certain things
Try out several filters to accentuate for example your lips or your eye makeup, it depends on what you want. Sometimes filters make the picture look much interesting.

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