Beauty Trick: Get Red Lips Without Lipstick

If you don’t really wear red lipstick on a daily basis probably you never bought yourself one. If it happens that you want to wear red lips one day you don’t have to worry to buy one as we have a method for you that can color your lips in red without using lipstick! The trick is simple and easy to make, you just have to use some interesting things and you will love the results. Let’s say you own a red lipstick and you just found out it has expired. Of course you don’t want to use it anymore so you will see here which is the best replacement for that. The more you will use this, the more your lips will start to become red and at one point they will naturally be reddish.

how to get red lips without lipstick

What you will need:
– small container with a lid;
– some Vaseline;
– some cherry flavored soft drink mix, like Kool-Aid (you know the ones you mix with water and you make juice).

1. Put the content of one small pack of cherry Kool-Aid in a small container.
2. Add some Vaseline to it, the proportions should be ⅔ soft drink mix and ⅓ Vaseline.
3. Mix them very well until you get something like a paste and gently rub it to your lips.
4. Wait a little bit for the mixture to be absorbed and store the rest in fridge for a couple of days.
5. Enjoy your red lips! They will remain stained all day long.

Source: julep.

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