Beauty Mistakes That Are a Turn Off For Men

Exactly the way there are things that are a turn on for men, there are things that are a turn off for them. When it comes to beauty tricks, we, women are very good at them, we can enhance our look massively with the proper makeup and clothing. Some of the things we do can turn on men and unfortunately some of the things we think should be a turn on are actually a turn off. In order to try to look beautiful, many women overdo things related to beauty and you will find out why we say that.

Beauty Mistakes That Are a Turn Off For Men

Beauty Mistakes That Are a Turn Off For Men:

1. You applied too much perfume on you – it is very important to smell nice, but if you overdo it, it can become a push away factor. Even the nicest smell can become unbearable if it is too much of it.

2. You wear sticky lip gloss – it can literally make you look and be perceived as disgusting. When a man is thinking to kiss you, even if he loves the shininess of the lips, he hates to stick his lips in it. Instead a shiny lip gloss use a tinted moisturizer.

3. You wear bold lipstick – strong colors can scare men and if you don’t know how to apply bold lipstick to your lips, you rather not do it, no one wants a clown next to them.

4. Your hair is stiff – even if it looks good and sometimes helps having a nice volume, imagine if a man would want to play with your hair and his fingers couldn’t run through it. Not the sexiest scenario!

5. Your teeth are yellow – no one wants to kiss someone that has strange colored teeth even if they are naturally yellow. Try to use proper toothpaste and eat green veggies to make them whiter.

6. Your legs are dry – when he wants to touch you he loves to feel smooth and moisturized legs. Dry legs can be tricky as they give a strange feeling in the stomach to anyone who touches them.

7. You applied too many layers of makeup on you – if you love wearing makeup and that is something most of us do, don’t overdo it, don’t try to look cakey without even realizing it. He will be scared when he wants to touch your face so keep it as natural as possible.

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