Beautiful Twisted Turban Headband – DIY

Plus, headbands are extremely cute (have we mentioned this before?), and they work on short hair, curly hair, and well basically, all sorts of hair. But you don’t have to spend extra bucks on new headbands; you can actually make them yourself! Psst, it’s not even that difficult!

Blogger Melissa from HoneyBeeVintage is deserving the title of “Savior”, since she shared this DIY twisted turban headband tutorial. Apparently, all you need are a knit fabric (or old t-shirt), matching thread, scissors. We’re pretty sure you can easily get your hands on the materials listed above. Now that you have them all prepared, let’s start working on our DIY headband!

Beautiful Twisted Turban Headband - DIY

Directions: Start by cutting two strips out of the fabric – pay attention to be double the final width of your headband straps (about 4 in x 20 in). Now, fold each strip in half (with right sides facing – see images) and sew down the long side of raw edges. Flip right side out in order to obtain two “tubes”. Next, lay out tubes (seam sides up) in the shape of an “X”. Afterwards, fold strips over so that they are linked together, matching up the raw edges. Once you’re done, take the unfinished headband and wrap around your head to measure how tight to make it. Line up all raw edges and sew together with a straight stitch. Cut off the excess if there appears some. Finally, flip seam to the inside of the headband and wear it with joy!

Those are the steps to making your own DIY headband. If you’re still unsure how to make it, the pictures of the steps can be very helpful. Have you tried making this? Let us know how it went below!

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