Beautiful Makeup with Just One Pencil – Tutorial

If you are the type of person who doesn’t own many makeup products, we will show you the one pencil makeup tutorial. Forget about using many eyeshadows and pencils in order to create a makeup look and reduce your costs to minimum by using this tutorial. Give your eyes a shadowy touch with just one pencil! Maybe you own a lot of makeup products, but you didn’t have time to get ready in the morning and you are in your car realizing you have just one eye pencil with you and one mascara, there is no tragedy in it! You can still save the day by following this easy trick!

Beautiful Makeup with Just One Pencil - Tutorial (2)

What you will need:
– one pencil in the color you want with a blending brush on the other side (or if you have a separate one, it is perfect);
– other products of your choice to finish the look, like mascara, some blush, maybe some lipstick.

1. Take the pencil and start making 3 relatively short parallel lines as you can see in the pictures.
2. Make another 3 parallel lines on the opposite direction that overlap the previous ones until you reach a weblike pattern.
3. Line your upper lash line with the same pencil.
4. With the blending brush start blending the lines together for the shadowy effect.
5. Use mascara on your lashes to make your eyes look bigger and use the rest of the makeup products of your choice, blush for the cheeks and lipstick for your lips!

Beautiful Makeup with Just One Pencil - Tutorial

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