Beautiful Handmade Bulk Jewelry – DIY

Here is a project for our readers that are passionate about details and making projects that require a lot of attention and working with special care. It is not an ordinary diy project and it’s not easy to make at all, but worth all the effort as the results show, you will have something unique and special.

What you will need:

– elastic bands of different colors and beads of different sizes;
– needles and thread;
– scissors;
– a lighter;


1. You will use more colors of elastic bands one over the other and your bulk jewelry will be contained of different parts.

2. You will make and use 6 small pieces of subcomponents as you can see in the pictures. You will use one bead for each subcomponent and put it in the middle and you will have to make a design like you can see in the pictures.

3. After you have made all 6 you have to connect them together through key spots. The pictures will show you how.

4. You can sew small beads between the spots and create a model of your choice.

5. After you have finished with the bulk jewelry you can add it to a necklace and be proud of your work!

Beautiful Handmade Bulk Jewelry - DIY

Photo courtesy: alissoutache.

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