Beautiful Fresh Design in 40 Square Meters

fresh home design

Try and remember just how many times you have felt that your home is a tad smaller than how you would like it to be? Or that your home feels too small to dress up, or probably you are saving up those pretty pieces for when you will have a bigger home? Well, we are just about to bust that myth by showing you a tiny abode, spread only in 40 square meters, that is so attractively done up that it easily wins hearts!

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Complete with all amenities, there is absolutely nothing lacking in this house, and yet the cleverly designed interiors never for once seem crowded. It encompasses a bright living room, a study area, a kitchenette, dining area, a bedroom and a bath; yes all of that in that tiny space!

Some of the partition walls were removed to create an airy space. Painted white from within, the house reflects every ounce of bright sunlight to light up the entire place. Also, white has been worked very creatively to form a stark contrast to the interiors, which have been done up in cheery and peppy colors of greens, yellows, pinks and reds! Mirrors have been added at strategic spots to make the space appear larger.

All aspects of this home are minimalistic, with trendy styles thrown around in bits. So, here is an inspiration that you can try out in your own home right away!

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Images: micasarevista.

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