Beautiful Evening Hairstyle

Beautiful Evening Hairstyle (3)

The secret to a great entrance at an event is the accuracy and the feminity that you come in with. In order to take all the good impressions, your look needs to be as flawless therefore as elegant as possible. For the hairstyle it is known that braids look as sophisticated as they look comfortable and easy to make. Today we will show you how to make a two braids evening haistryle with small effort and great result.

You will need:
– comb;
– small roll bun ;
– boby pins;
– patience.

Directions: Separate your hair and create three areas with which you will work. You can treat the hair with a silking serum that will not let it tangle and will leave it shiny and smooth. Make a ponytail from the center section of hair at the lower back point of your hair. Now you need a small roll to place it under the ponytail and twirl the ponytail, to make a nice smooth beam. Stretch the ponytail hair over the roller width, the sides and bottom of the resulting beam should be hiding completely the roll. Move on to the right temporal area, allocate a small portion of the parting of the hair on top, divide the section into 3 plait and regular strands and make a French braid, then attach in new strands only from the face towards the back. Keep on braiding until you get to the bottom of the straid and tie with a small rubber band, slightly stretching the braid towards the part of the beam it will be placed in the end. Hide the elastic inside the beam, then likewise repeat the steps for the left temporal area, hiding the elastic of the braid inside the beam, opposite that the first one. If you feel the need, you can decorate with flowers. Enjoy!

Beautiful Evening Hairstyle (2)

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