Beautiful Braided Rug – DIY

Beautiful Braided Rug - DIY

Who doesn’t know about the eternal problem in a modern home: rugs? Those of us, who have grandmothers in the country side, might remember this technique of braiding rugs out of old shirts. Yes! From now on, you should recycle your old shirts instead of just throwing them away. Plus, if you have a little talent in colors, you might produce some interesting rugs that might easily solve some design issues in any type of home.

You will need:
– sturdy canvas;
– scrap fabric to rip and eventualy braid;
– black yarn;
– tapestry needle;
– scissors;
– fabric glue;
– tape;
– water based Aerosal Polycrylic Protective Finish.

Directions: Decide on your rug size and cut the canvas. Rip long strips of scrap fabric. Braid enough ropes out of these strips to cover the canvas. Tape the ends until later on. Glue your braids to the mat, leaving an even amount of braid hanging over the edge of each side. Using the tapestry needle and the black yard, stitch the edges of the rug base, pointing every braid. Remove the tape off the ends of the strips and after that, straighten the edges to get even fringes. Seal everything with waterproof Polycrylic Finish. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy: abeautifulmess.

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