Beautiful and Bright Small Apartment in Kiev


Designed by Rina Lovko this beautiful and colorful apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine. Besides being modern and stylish, this place is diverse and the attention to details was an important part of this project. Even if it is located on the fourth floor of a historical house, this 120 square meters apartment still has the touch of modern in it and you don’t even realize you are not in a newly built building somewhere. Besides being fresh and welcoming this place has lots of corners which are representing different personalities and are unique in their own way. The bedroom of this place has a newly built in dressing, a beautiful guests room and social place together with a bright dining area. Blue, beige and red sofas are creating a diverse look to the general place making a perfect blend between different styles and colors. The materials and fabrics used are different too, but this doesn’t mean they don’t combine perfectly and stylishly together. Colors predominant in the kitchen are light green and gray with touches of black and white. A children’s room is beautifully decorated with some wall stickers and a yellow closet is the center of attention when you get into the room. The reading corner also has yellow/mustard elements in it like the curtains and pillows. A small bookshelf is under the sitting area making it easy for the books to be picked up and read. The general place transmits a good and fresh vibe that makes everyone who passes the doors of the apartment to feel good.

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