Bar-Coded Nail Art – DIY

It is amazing what some girls can create with their creativity and imagination. Simple ideas and daily objects can be transferred to nails. In a previous tutorial we have presented you how to make newspaper nails and today we take it further and show you how to transfer bar codes to nails. You can see bar codes everywhere, on every product you buy, so to complete this tutorial you will need some bar codes that are printed on paper and you can detach them from the product package or cut them out from magazines.

Bar-Coded Nail Art - DIY

What you will need:
– 10 small paper bar codes;
– a small bowl of vodka;
– nail polish for the base (pick any color or colors);
– top coat.

1. Apply the base nail polish to your nails and let them dry. You can choose one color or you can choose to paint each and every nail in a different color.
2. Dip the bar codes in the vodka to be saturated then transfer them to your nails.
3. Press the bar code to the nail, wait for 40 seconds then remove.
4. Do this for every nail then apply the top coat on your nails and you are done!

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