Bangs That Suit Your Face Shape


Especially if you are a fashion passionate, you will permanently be willing to look at your best. The problem might be that trying too hard might work at the expense of your good looks. To avoid such situation it is highly important to know what flaws you might have and need to blurr. Today we will speack about bangs. To be able to get the essence of all the information, you first need to decide on what shape your face has (check out the pictures and the indications). Below, you can find also a video about how to cut bangs.

Oval face: This face shape is considered the ideal shape, therefore it can wear any type of bangles.
Long face: You will want to shorten the face, therefore long bangs are perfect for hiding a high forehead.
Triangle face: You will need to add some width to the forehead and draw attention from the chin.
Square face: This face will need some softening for the strong jawline, this being said, you can use a long, angled, wispy bang.
Round face: You need angles to this face, therefore you should go for a side swept thick fringe.
Heart face: Best fitted in this case are choppy bangs, long enough to comb on one side.


Photo courtesy: random internet photos.

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