Balloonish Looking Tissue Flower – DIY

Balloonish Looking Tissue Flower - DIY

When you have to spend some time with your children, or you simply want to refresh in a pleasant afternoon while drinking your tea, making some hand made tissue flowers might be just what you need. It is relaxing and fun, plus in the end you will have some interesting, unique decorations for some new details in your house.

You will need:

– golf ball;
– colored tissues;
– wire;
– floral tape,
– scissors.


1. Take a tissue that is rectangular, and wrap it around the golf ball like a candy is wrapped (but leave half of it open so that you can get the ball out) and twist the ends tightly.

2. Take the ball out and cut as close to the base as possible one twisted end of your candy wrapping. Make at least five pieces like this one, and assemble them all together braiding the long ends into a strain and wrap a wire around this strain to help holding together.

3. The final touch is to wrap the strain with some floral tape and arrange the petals if needed, and you are done!

Photo courtesy: lollychops.

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