Baby’s Foot Massage Chart

Baby’s Foot Massage Chart

Getting a foot massage is a good way to relax. We, as adults enjoy a good rubbing and lots of times find healing for different problems through reflexotherapy. If your little one is having health problems or is in pain, you can use this chart in order to make the pain go away. You have to be aware that this is not a replacement for proper medication and health care, just an option you might like to try for easy problems, most of times use it to calm the baby when crying.

As you can see in the picture, your baby’s foot is divided in different zones and by gently pushing those zones you can improve the comfort of the baby by providing relief. Because most common problems a baby has are with teeth and at the solar plexus area, you can try to soothe the pain by massaging the fingers and the middle of the foot. This chart is very simple and easy to be understood by every fresh mother out there.

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Photo courtesy: heyyogamama/ tumblr.

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