Avoid These Ingredients in Your Beauty Products!

The health awareness of people is increasing day by day and this makes them cut out a lot of harmful products from their daily use. When it comes to beauty we have to be very careful as what we have thought it is good for us in fact can be extremely bad. Lots of studies have been made the past years analyzing different ingredients we use daily and shocking conclusions came out, most of them cause cancer and diseases in time. Besides this, there is no real benefit from the chemicals, it is only an impression of us that they do good. You will find out what ingredients you have to avoid buying and you can also check and clean your home from the existing products.

Avoid These Ingredients in Your Beauty Products!

Ingredients in beauty products you have to avoid:
1. Parabens – found under these names methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben. Most creams and lotions contain them and the studies made prove that they are related to certain tumors and breast cancers.
2. Sulfates – present in most shampoos and hair products. They help to create more foam, but they damage the skin, irritate the eye and dry out the hair especially if used on a daily basis.
3. Petrochemicals – found under these names isopropyl alcohol, methanol, butanol, ethanol, mostly ingredients that end in “anol” and are toxic for kidneys and the respiratory system.
4. Artificial fragrances – that irritate the skin and their inhalation damage the immune system and respiratory system.
5. BHA and BHT – are preservatives that make the products last longer, they are found in a lot of makeup products and you have to avoid them. They make the person prone to cancer because they damage skin cells.

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