Apply Eyeshadow With Fingers and Create an Amazing Look

We usually use brushes to apply eyeshadow on the eyelid, but what happens when you are are in a vacation or a friends place and you don’t have any brush with you to create your makeup? Simple, apply the eyeshadow with your fingers. You will be amazed how great it will turn out, maybe even better than using all the necessary tools. Just don’t forget to use some tape or a card for the outer corners of the eyes, you want your line to be straight and not look like it wasn’t professionally made. And if you lack inspiration, you can try and make this makeup tutorial which looks amazing.

What you will need:
– eyeshadow in 2 shades, a golden light one and a dark one (something like black);
– pink eyeshadow;
– eyeshadow primer or a concealer;
– liquid liner;
– scotch tape or card;
– mascara.

Directions: Start by preparing the base for the eyeshadow, use the primer or the concealer. Stick the tape to the corner of the eyes and decide on the shape. Start adding the golden eyeshadow to your eyelid, only to the base of it, then the dark one to the outer part of the eyelid and finally the pink one to the crease of it just for a pop of color as you can see in the pictures. Apply liquid eyeliner and finish the look with a mascara.

apply-eyeshadows-with-fingers (2) Photo courtesy: indianvanitycase.

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