These Animal Paws Socks are Scary – For Good Reasons

It’s always fascinating to see what the fashion world has to offer from time to time. If you need solid evidence, try taking a look at these animal paws socks. We’ll be honest with you; first time seeing them, we’re rather creeped out by how realistic they are. And by realistic, we meant we had to do a double-take just to make sure the pictures aren’t edited or tampered in a way to mess the minds of those seeing the socks. The genius (dare we to say so) behind these socks is unfortunately, unknown, but we do know where you can get your hands on these bizarre socks.

The animal paws socks are available for online purchase through Ebay; The socks are concisely described on the website as Animal Paw Crew Socks – Sublimated Print, with realistic printing showing the front and back side of your favorite animal: cat, dog, alligator, eagle, elephant, horse, pig, tiger, zebra. What a collection to choose from!

The socks are made from 100% polyester. They fit up to men’s 13 size, and you can wash and dry them using machine. Overall, it’s quite an interesting pick for socks printing, but the creative value behind the product is hard to be missed. While we’d love to share with you what the buyers have to say about the socks (or more importantly, how people around them react to the socks), unfortunately for now there hasn’t been any review written about the item.

If you have one of these cool socks, or have seen someone wearing them, let us know what you think of the socks below!

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