Amazing Uses of Toothpaste Other Than Cleaning Your Teeth

We all have toothpaste in the house, right? It is a product we use daily, not once, not twice, but 3 times. Have you ever thought about using it in other ways than cleaning your teeth? Not only you but also your house can benefit from it and enjoy its great properties. Its chemical composition removes stains, cleans spots and much more. Stay with us to see which are the 19 unusual ways you can use toothpaste around the house other than you normally use it for.

Toothpaste can be used for:

1. Polishing Silver – doesn’t matter what type of object made of silver we talk about, toothpaste will clean it. Just apply the toothpaste to the surface, polish, then wash off all residue with a cloth and water.

2. Cleaning Car Headlights – usually car headlights start to fog up in time, all you need to do is to take a cloth, a non abrasive toothpaste and clean off all the dirt with it.

3. Cleaning Crayon Off The Walls – if you have children and they are a little hard to control and your walls are full of drawings, just squeeze some paste on a rag, scrub the surface and finish cleaning with a slightly wet cloth.

4. Whitening Piano Keys – your piano keys can turn yellow in time and this is caused by buildup dirt. A non-abrasive toothpaste and a wet cloth will make them look like new!

5. Cleaning Sneakers – your white sneakers can come to their almost new look in a couple of minutes if you clean them with whitening toothpaste and a cloth.

6. Defogging Your Goggles – gently rub some toothpaste on the interior of your goggles with a microfiber cloth and this will prevent them from getting foggy.

7. Removing Water Stains From Wood – sometimes we forget to use coasters so we put our cups with liquids on the table without realizing they can stain the furniture. Rub some non-abrasive toothpaste over the marks and make them disappear!

8. Removing Ink Stains From Leather – this is a tricky one but works, in some cases it might not remove the stain completely, but it reduces its size substantially. Put a pea sized amount of toothpaste on the spot, let it dry then remove with a wet cloth.

9. Deodorizing Dogs – your dogs can get sprayed by a skunk without you even realizing it. What do you do to remove the bad smell? Most shampoos won’t work so this is what you do: wet down the dog, rub some toothpaste all over him, rinse him clean and smell gone!

10. Removing Dye Stains – all women who dye their hair know how hard it is to remove dye stains from skin, especially if the color is dark! Just scrub the dye away with toothpaste.

11. Relieving Pain– if you get bitten by an insect or accidentally burned by something, rub some toothpaste over the area and let it dry. Repeat a couple of times if the pain is strong, but it should start relieving it instantly.

12. Getting Rid Of Acne – if you wake up with pimples, just dab small amounts of toothpaste on them before going to bed and this will help reducing their size and making them heal faster.

13. Cleaning Your Iron – if your iron got a little messy and needs a cleaning, just use some toothpaste to make the surface like new. Just be careful to not put too much toothpaste to block the holes.

14. Fixing Phone Scratches – if you noticed you have some scratches on your phone and they look quite bad, take a cloth and rub some toothpaste over the area. The scratches will be reduced and less visible.

15. Removing Scuff Marks – if your patent leather shoes got scuffs, just rub some toothpaste over the marks and they will be gone.

16. Removing Stains From Carpets – it is almost inevitable not to stain your carpets in the house while you walk, eat, have friends around or play with animals. The lighter the color of the carpet the worse the spots look on it. Just use a wet cloth and some toothpaste to clean out the spots, you will be amazed that this actually works.

17. Removing Nail Polish Stains – dark nail polish can leave ugly spots on nails and when you want to have them just with a transparent coat, looks pretty bad. Take a nail brush and a whitening toothpaste and scrub some over your nails until they are clean.

18. Cleaning Smelly Hands – after you have chopped onions or garlic your hands can get really smelly and sometimes regular soap doesn’t take it away. If your hands get smelly, just rub some toothpaste over them and rinse with water. Smell gone!

19. Deodorizing Reusable Bottles – all kinds of liquids leave all kinds of smells in your reusable bottles. To get rid of that just clean them with some toothpaste and a bottle brush.

Amazing Uses of Toothpaste Other Than Cleaning Your Teeth

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