Amazing Nimbus Nail Art – DIY

Some of the most beautiful nails are the ones that suit your personal style, only those can stand out in a tasteful way. If you are the type of person who doesn’t have a classic style, this tutorial is for you, as this is everything but not a classical manicure. This so called nimbus nail art is quite easy to make and can be done even by beginners in the nail art world.


What you will need:
– some base color for the design, in the tutorial you will see we picked white;
– two different colored nail polishes, here you will see purple and blue shades;
– some q-tips;
– acetone in a small open container;
– a surface you don’t mind destroying with polish;
– small brush to remove the polish from skin.

1. Apply the base coat on all of your nails and let it dry very well.
2. Put some nail polish on a clean surface and stick some q-tips in acetone.
3. Take the q-tips and insert them into the polish from the surface then test what mark do they leave when you use them to dab.
4. Keep sticking the q-tips in the polish, then dab your nails as you can see in the pictures.
5. When you reached the pattern you want, use the small brush to dip it into acetone and clean the excess polish from skin.
6. Let the nails dry very well and you are done!

Photo courtesy: thenailasaurus.

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