DIY Jewelry Stand You Should Try Making

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While there are hundreds of ways you can decorate your room, working on DIY decorations is often the best way to kill some time while doing something useful. For example, you can try making this DIY jewelry stand that would be a great place to store your jewelry collection. The making process is nowhere near difficult (although you’d need some tools), and the final result would make it hard for you to convince people that yes, you did make this one yourself! The best part? It will take you no longer than 2 hours to make, and by the end of the day you’d have less trash to take out and a gorgeous jewelry stand on your vanity.

It can’t be hard to identify what this DIY jewelry stand is made from. This one on the picture is made from plastic Mountain Dew bottles; but you can always use plastic bottles from any beverage brand. Coca-cola’s clear plastic bottle can also be an option if you’d like to spend more time painting each bottle. A tip, though: paint only the outside of the bottle.


How to make:
To begin, you’d need three different bottle sizes. Basically, all you have to do is first, trim the bottom of the bottles, then drill a hole in the center of each pieces. After doing so, you can create the petal effect by cutting and smoothing the edges. Finally, you need to insert the threaded rod one tray after another; and you’re done! No complicated step whatsoever, even though you need to be extra careful when using the drill since flying plastic bits can hurt your eyes! You can find more detailed instructions on EPBOT, so check it out!

To finish the jewelry stand, it’s highly recommended for you to use sandpaper to soften the edges. Be thorough; since you don’t want to hurt your hands (or your jewelries!) when placing it on the stand. Have fun!

Photo courtesy: EPBOT

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