Amazing Hairstyle for Long Hair

long hair style

Lately there is this obsession with braided hair. And truly there is something special about a clean braided hair, it is in the same time elegant and it gives you this relaxed feeling. Here is a new type of braiding your hair: s-braided hair. Suitable for any time of the year, and also suitable for a walk in the park but also for an elegant cocktail party.

You will need:
– comb;
– hair band.

Directions: Start braiding adding each plaiting of the hair to one side only. Therefore you braid on the left, and braid only from the left until you get to the center of the head, this is when you begin to take the right-hand hairline and add them to the right side of each braid at a time. You should make and arc and start to weave towards the left side until you get to the middle of the head and you start bringing left-hand hairline and add them to the left side of each braid at a time. Repeat.

long hair hairstyle

Photo courtesy: drisainer.filesAilisoengud.

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