Amazing Hair Tricks That Work Wonders

Amazing Hair Tricks That Work Wonders

If you like to make hairstyle changes very often and you like diversity you will love these hair tricks that work wonders. Simple ideas that make big style changes will delight you and also save you money.

1. Get highlights with lemon juice.
If you want to light the color of your hair or just a few strands of it, squeeze a lemon and with a toothbrush apply the juice to your hair. Go and sit this way in the sun for about at least 45 minutes and wash your hair later. You can do it every two weeks and you will naturally lighten your hair and you will also save money.

2. To get rid of static in your hair use dryer sheets, smooth them to your hair starting from the roots to the ends and you will avoid that funny looking hair.

3. By using a hair clip you can make your ponytail look fuller. All you have to do is to split the ponytail into two, fix the hair clip to the base of the ponytail next to the elastic and put other half of the hair over it by trying to hide the clip.

4. If you have too much build up dirt and oils into your hair, use some baking soda mixed with water and wash your hair with it. Rinse the baking soda and apply some apple cider vinegar for an awesome finish.

5. Freshly grown hair can look very messy, so you can use a toothbrush that you have previously sprayed with hairspray and brush your hair with it to fix the messy hair.

6. To prevent damaging your hair and breaking it, sleep on pillowcases that are made from silk. Sleeping on cotton pillowcases can cause friction and implicitly your hair to break.

7. If you have black or very dark hair and you are afraid to use dry shampoo because of the white residues, you can make your own for dark hair with a few ingredients. You will need 2 tbps of cocoa powder, 2 tbsp of cornstarch and some cinnamon and apply it to oily hair. Now you can skip washing your hair without any stress.

8. If you use a hair straightener on low temperature you will usually need to get over a hair strand several times before making it stay straight. This can cause breakage and you can avoid that by putting the straightener on a bigger temperature and go only once over the hair strand.

9. When you are going to a public pool, the chlorine from the water can damage your hair. You can prevent this by applying and saturating your wet hair with conditioner and leaving it that way before getting into the water.

10. Use a cotton t-shirt on wet hair to prevent and reduce frizz, then use a blow dryer on low temperature, it will also help to close the cuticles. Make sure to not rub your hair, only squeeze it gently.

Source: beautyhigh.

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