Amazing Flower Hairstyle

If you are trying to find some inspiration for your next hairstyle to go to that special event, don’t look for more because you have found the winner. This hairstyle that looks like a flower it’s really easy to make and the effects are jaw dropping. Very romantic and girly, it will attract people’s attention no matter where you are. Unfortunately it is quite hard to make it by yourself, but you can get your best friend and train her how to make it for you and you can make it for her too. The longer the hair, the better because the flower will be bigger and richer.


What you will need:
– hair elastic;
– hair clips;
– lots of strong bobby pins;
– one plastic hair curler;
– hairspray;
– hair ornaments.

1. Brush the hair, leave a small strand in the front and put it on a plastic hair curler, you will need this to finish the look.
2. Gather the rest of the hair in a ponytail and take another strand that will be the middle of the flower and start making a twist with it. Fix it with hair clips.
3. Take another hair strand and start making the petals of the flower by rolling it around the middle and with the help of the bobby pins make the model you can see in the pictures.
4. Repeat the process until no hair strand is left.
5. Take the hair from the front and gently brush it on the right side of your head, put it on the back and fix the ends with some pins under the flower.
6. Add some hairspray so you can be sure the flower will last for many hours then put a small hair ornament in the middle of it and the look is finished.

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