Magical Faz Daybed by VONDOM


All of us love a good night’s sleep. But an afternoon siesta or just lying about the pool in the evenings or sunbathing by the beach give us moments that are equally precious! Celebrated Spanish architect,Ramon Esteve had exactly this in mind when he designed the Faz Daybed for the brand VONDOM.

This stunning piece of furniture is designed around the beautiful dazzling angles inspired from the polygonal shape of minerals that are naturally found on the Earth. An eclectic piece, this daybed is especially suited for the outdoors and meant to be your very own nook for relaxation.

The VONDOM Daybed is essentially white in colour, with a translucent fabric that acts as a screen against the harsh elements of nature, allowing you to soak in its glory. It comes equipped with Bluetooth enabled speakers that complete the ethereal experience. The daybed has a door based on a hydraulic system that allows it to efficiently open and close. This door doubles up as a roof when open. It is also pepped up with LED lights on the rims to give you an unmatched evening décor and experience that is guaranteed to woo!

So, what’s on your mind, are you ready for a magical experience aboard Vondom’s Daybed?

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