Amazing Concept by Mohsen Jafari Malek


If you would try to purchase now an ironing board from any shop, most of the options you would find would be quite similar. Almost all have the same board shape, with a couple of differences when it comes to the iron holder and the quality of the materials used.

When we found E-board, we were surprised by the usability of this product. Basically, it is an ironing board, but with the qualities of a transformers car (you know, like in the movie). Why we say that? It’s board can be modified and adjusted depending on the clothing item you are ironing. For example, if you are ironing pants, it can adjust its shape to them, if you are ironing shirts, the shape can be changed again.

Once you finished with one side, you can do a flip to iron the other side thanks to the central axis integrated in the board that can make a 360 degree rotation. That means you don’t need to move your clothes, just fit them in the shape, then turn the board around and keep ironing. This can save so much time, and you will be amazed if you see you finished with all the ironing in half time that usually would take. Did we mention it also has a hanger-stand and iron-stand perfect to help you through the process?

Unfortunately, this product is still a prototype and it was designed by Mohsen Jafari Malek who entered with it into the IF Design Talents contest in 2012.

e_board-2 e_board-3 e_board-4

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