Amazing Braided Hairstyle

Amazing braided hairstyle (2)

Here we have an hairstyle idea that you will absolutely love. The braid is both playful and elegant in the same time. The instructions for this braid are quite simple. All you need is patience, humor, long hair, a treatment for smoothness, bobby pins and a comb.


1. For the beginning, pick your comfortable side and part your hair in two.

2. Pick up a strand and start braiding normally.

3. Divide the hair and add thin strands to the dense ones and continue braiding towards the back down side of your head. For a more emphasized outline of each strand you work with, use a wax and do not tighten the braid.

4. When you get to the occipital area, gently pull locks from the finished braid in order to give more volume to it and a more casual look.

5. Continue with a fishtail braid with thinner strands. Gently, pull small strands from the fishtail braid, so that it will look more relaxed. By now you should have two pigtails and you can decide to stop here, or go further.

6. The final step is to fold the pigtails into spirals and fixating them with bobby pins.

Amazing Braided Hairstyle

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