Dealing With Acne As An Adult

Having skin problems, such as acne, is awful; no matter how old are you. Regardless of your gender, dealing with visible zits or pimples will always be tiring and mentally draining. When you were a teen, though, you held onto this hope: that once your puberty is over or when you turn 20-ish, you’ll be free from the nightmare that goes by the name ‘acne’. So you hoped and waited. Until one day you realized, that you’re almost 30 and your skin does not clear up.

Panic ensues. When will this stop? When I turn 70? Or 80? Truth is, no one knows! Having adult acne is awful since your tiny hope of having flawless skin is now crushed and you’re stuck with this stress-inducing skin condition; pretty much for the rest of your life. And what’s even more stressful is that your acne seems to be having its own mind. And it intends to torture you mercilessly. You wake up to a perfect skin for a day; then boom, you’re getting a huge zit right a day before your sister’s wedding.

Popping a zit is an option, but are you willing to take the risk? Done at the wrong time, or wrongly, can cause the bacteria contained in the zit to spread; worsening your condition. Messing with your zit can often result in open wound as well. But on the other hand, covering the bump with foundation will result in bumpy-cakey skin that’s enough to gross everyone.


But what’s worse than trying every treatment you can think of, and still end up with acne? One thing you need to try, though, is to keep your skin moisturized instead of scrubbing it vigorously. Dry skin creates invisible cracks on your skin and thus, allows bacteria in. Under any circumstances, do not touch your face. We know you’ve heard it many times before, but there’s no harm in reminding you again. Keep your phone screen clean at all time, and don’t forget to pack your skin treatment products every time you travel.

If you’re a girl, having your period means weeks with painful cyst. And if you’re having a partner, the battle is now shared. Do you know that beard can induce irritation on your skin? Well now you do. Shaving may not be your partner’s favorite thing to do, but if it helps your skin, you may have to ask him to shave daily.

Well-intentioned friends may suggest you to cut down sugar or dairy from your diet; but really?! Ice cream and chocolate is everyone’s guilty pleasure, and what’s the point of having clearer skin if you don’t feel like living anymore? At the end of the day, the only thing you can do is to pray that someone, please just anyone, would find a way to end acne forever.

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