Fashion for a Trendy Lifestyle by Louis Vuitton

vuitton-ss13-07-630x419 The lavish luxury of Louis Vuitton new collection is a classic example of yet another trend setting step by the French fashion house!

The signature beige and brown combination carrying the luxurious logo of the brand stands out in the collection of bags and other accessories.

Rich browns and mahogany, and impactful colours like navy blue have been carefully picked for the shoes, while the clothes are superbly tailored in various powerful monotones that leave a lasting impression! The collection also boasts of modern designs on handbags and suitcases that range from shocking neons to subtle blacks! Also to be seen are varieties in modern fashionable leisurewear that have been done up in the colours of your next vacation!

Although a little rough on the wallet, this collection demands attention for its sheer attractiveness!


vuitton-ss13-05-630x419 vuitton-ss13-21-630x419 vuitton-ss13-12-630x419 vuitton-ss13-20-630x419 vuitton-ss13-04-630x419 vuitton-ss13-23-630x419
vuitton-ss13-08-630x419 vuitton-ss13-19-630x419 vuitton-ss13-06-630x419 vuitton-ss13-14-630x419 vuitton-ss13-02-630x419 vuitton-ss13-18-630x419 vuitton-ss13-17-630x419 vuitton-ss13-16-630x419 vuitton-ss13-10-630x419 vuitton-ss13-15-630x419

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