9 Ways To Wear Ponytail Hairstyles

One of the fastest, cutest and trendiest methods of doing up our hair seems to be the all-time favourite ponytail. It is easy to maintain, and can work both for casual as well as formal events. But a ponytail is much more than simply tying up your hair! Here are 9 super-simple yet fashionable twists to the chic and simple ponytail!

1. Curly – Make a sleek ponytail and curl up the ends with a rolling iron or curlers!


2. Braided – Turn the ponytail into an awesome braid and bring it in front of your shoulder for a chic look!


3. Twisted – Take a small section of hair from the side and twist it until it joins with the main body of your ponytail. This is one hairstyle that can be carried off for formal events as well!


4. Poofy – Volumize your ponytail for maximum impact! Back-brush your pony and add some volumizing mousse for a fun and elegant hairdo!


5. Looped – Loop the end of your ponytail and tuck it into itself to form an uber cute look!

Looped-under-ponytail-ch1carolinaherrera_ss12_00360big_592x888sommerfrisuren-2013-1-420x5406. Triple Ponytail – Make three horizontal sections of your hair. Secure each one separately and then collect them together to form an amazing triple ponytail!


7. Loose – Wear your regular ponytail, tousle and tease it slightly to give an out-of-bed casual style!


8. Cascade – Wear a rubber band in a series over different sections of your ponytail to give it a mesmerising cascading appearance


9. Double Knot – Make two sections of your ponytail and tie them in a double knot for a unique and classy look!


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