6 Curly Hair Mistakes to Avoid

6 Curly Hair Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most demanding types of hair is curly hair. It can be a blessing and in the same time a curse if you don’t know how to style it properly. Even if you straighten it, humid air or just a few drops of rain can turn it back the way it was. We advise you, girls with curly hair, to embrace your beauty and be aware of this 6 mistakes you might be doing.

Top 6 curly hair mistakes to avoid:
1. Get a haircut by a stylist who doesn’t have any curls: stylists with curly hair understand better your hair type and know how to find the best cut for this type of hair.
2. Not taking into account shrinkage: when your hair is wet, it looks longer, so avoid cutting it while wet, it might create a false impression and you can end up living with shorter hair and a hairstyle you don’t like.
3. Use the wrong hair care products: your hair acts completely different than other hair types. You need haircare products that hydrate and moisturize it and in the same time look for products that promise humidity control.
4. High heat side effects: your hair is more sensitive than other hair types so exposing it to high heat damages it more. Use the hot iron on the lowest temperature setting.
5. Blunt cut is not the best idea: you would literally look like a triangle or a box, which you likely don’t want.
6. Too much shampoo: it dries out your hair more, so use it in reduced amounts.

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