6 Awesome Tricks For Perfectly Washed Clothes

It seems very easy to wash your clothes, you just have to chuck them in the washing machine and it will do the work for you, then you take them out and then the task is simple, dry, iron and that was all. It would be awesome if it would be that simple, but there are more things you need to consider in order to have perfectly washed clothes. One of the things is how you separate them in order to wash them, you have to sort the colors, then maybe sort them based on the materials each one is made off and so on. If you don’t know how to do the washing, you can ruin the clothes without even wearing them once. We have for you 6 tricks that will help you keep your clothes the same they were in the first day you bought them.

6 Awesome Tricks For Perfectly Washed Clothes

6 Awesome Tricks For Perfectly Washed Clothes:

1. You can refresh your clothes with vodka – if you have almost run out of detergent and you just want to refresh your clothes, alcohol is a very good help. Mix it with some powder and see how your clothes turn out!

2. Use black coffee to give life to worn out jeans – we all have worn out jeans in our closets and in time they lose their shine, for this reason a cup of coffee that is poured in the washing machine can make them get back their shine from when you got them.

3. Clean silk clothes by freezing them – if you don’t want to pay money for a dry clean, silk can be easily cleaned with a gentle hand wash, then the clothes need to be left to dry, then inserted in the freezer for a couple of hours. After you have taken them out, iron them and let them dry again on the clothes hanger.

4. Use salt to enhance color – it works wonders, but just for cotton. Take two tablespoons of salt and add them to your washing powder and avoid this procedure for wool and silk clothing.

5. Milk can clean ink stains – it is said that the lactic acid from the milk helps remove ink from clothes. If you want to try this out, just soak the spot with milk, let it sit, then wash normally.

6. For “whiter” white, use aspirin tablets – aspirin works as a bleach on white material and if you want to try it out you can take one t-shirt and soak it in overnight in water and some aspirin tablets, the white will be more vibrant. The more tablets you use, the whiter it becomes.

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