Suits for Business Men

Suits are the perfect option for the business world and come in a great diversity of fabrics, styles and colors. The fabrics differ according to the season, for example cotton and linen for the summer season, cashmere and fine wool for the winter season. The best choices for a business man are the formal colors like gray, beige and blue. In this way, you can wear a simple color or a pinstriped suit. Pin striped suit is very suitable for business meetings, sales calls and presentation calls.

A very dapper Scott Disick chats on his cellphone and hails a cab in New York City.

Most business suits are single breasted suits with two or three buttons. The light colors like white, beige and light blue, make the perfect choices for underneath shirts. Choosing a silk tie with plain color or matching stripes is a great choice. Satin ties are not suitable.

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