50 Travel Tips And Tricks That You Must Know When You Are Traveling

It is getting more and more easy to travel nowadays thanks to expanding transportation options and awesome deals providers offer to the market. Traveling becomes cheaper due to high competition of flight providers and people embrace traveling long distances more and more. Eventually, who doesn’t want to see all the beauty the world has? From snow and cold, you can go in the same day, in a matter of hours, to beach and sunbathing. We think that for having a pleasant vacation, you must know some tips and tricks that will save you valuable time from feeling bored, from losing precious time and from destroying your holiday. We want to give you 50 tips and tricks that you must know before leaving anywhere so when you come back home you will say you had the best time of your life!

50 Travel Tips And Tricks That You Must Know When You Are Traveling:
1. Pack less than you planned initially
Packing less will not only save you money, but will save you time. You won’t have to pay for a checked-in bag, you can go just with a hand luggage and you won’t have to wait for your bag if you check it in. Basically, everything you need you’ll have with yourself. Do you really need 5 pairs of shoes and 20 t-shirts for 7 days? All the small toiletries you will use, you’ll be able to buy cheaply locally, so think about it before you take too much with you.


2. Be flexible with your time
If you want to save some money, have no set time on when you should leave. There are certain periods of the year when flights are cheaper, there are even certain days in the week when flights are cheaper, so be flexible!
3. Don’t plan everything in detail
Of course, you want to make a schedule of what you will be doing when you travel, but leave some open spaces in your calendar to do unexpected things, they are so much fun!
4. Leave your guidebook at home
We are sure you won’t need all the information that is in it, so only copy the pages you need and save some space in your luggage. This will also make your bag much lighter!
5. Avoid security queues where you see kids
It usually takes longer to go through them so find other ones that have no kids waiting.
6. Don’t wear flip flops on a plane
You never know if there will be something unexpected happening on a plane, an emergency, a fire, so if your legs are exposed you are at a higher risk of injury.
7. Travel alone sometimes
This will take you out of your comfort zone, will make you meet new people, have new experiences that you probably would have never considered having if you would have gone with the same familiar people.
8. Travel with a hoodie
It’s not only comfortable, but it also helps you retreat from the world of noise and light when you want to sleep and be away from people.
9. Carefully choose your seat-mate
If you are in a position where you can make a choice and you don’t want to be bothered too much, avoid: groups of friends and babies and remember that women go to the toilet more often than men.
10. Jiggle a little bit when flying
So, if you have a problem dealing with turbulence that can occur during a flight, try to jiggle your body while that happens, it will counteract the movements of the aircraft and you won’t feel the turbulence as much.
11. Always carry earplugs
Flights, people and hotels can get noisy so never underestimate the power of earplugs.
12. Roll your clothes when packing
When you are packing your stuff, we know you are used with folding them nicely and you think they will take less space in the bag, but it is not true. If you roll them, you actually use more of the unused space you lose while you put your clothes in the bag folded.
13. Check everything before you leave
Always be careful with checking what you leave behind. Imagine this scenario: you are waiting for your flight while having some coffee, suddenly you realize you need to go and when you are in the plane you try to find your phone and it is not there, you left it on the chair of the coffee shop. Do you think you can get it back? Small chances! Always check any place before leaving!
14. Have a money belt and a wallet
Have a money belt to keep some cash reserves in it, just in case something bad happens and always have a nice wallet with you when you go to restaurants and pay for food or other services.
15. Avoid having too much cash on you
Of course, you need money to pay for things, but how much you actually need to carry with you? Every country has ATM’s so you will be able to withdraw some money in their currency and not carry substantial amounts with you. You never know when you can lose it.
16. Avoid exchanging money in your hotel
Hotels usually have a bad exchange rate and you can get a better deal if you shop around a little bit to find the right deal.
17. Learn a few words of the country’s language
If you go to a foreign country with a different language than yours, try to learn a couple of essential words that will help you bond with local people, they are friendlier to people who do that.
18. Keep your mouth shut
When you are in a country where the water is contaminated and not safe for drinking, keep your mouth shut in the shower!
19. Have a pack of cards with you
It is a great way to spend some time while waiting for your flight, it can also allow you to play a game with someone you don’t know.
20. Hotels are not the only option
Hotels are usually expensive, so if you have a limited budget consider staying in an apartment or a private room in someone’s place. This can also help you make new friendships that can be for a lifetime.
21. Pre-book an airport lounge
It is a great option when you travel long distances, you will stay in a quiet environment and will enjoy some complimentary drinks and food, plus you will have access to free WI-Fi. Before leaving you can take some snacks and water with you. We think it is worth the cost.
22. If you can, choose the asian-vegetarian option on a plane
You will avoid waiting for food that everyone wants, will avoid greasy and heavy meals and will enjoy some quality vegetables that are very healthy.
23. Carry an extra top with you
Some flights can get really cold and blankets the company provide might not be warm enough, so it is good to feel warm when you are traveling long distances and it is cold in the plane.
24. If you are traveling with kids have a DVD player/ Tablet with you
Kids can get very impatient on long hauls. Some of their favorite cartoons can calm them down and give you some relaxing times.
25. Try to quickly sync your sleep
If you have to deal with jet lag, one thing you can do is to sync your sleep before you leave to the local time of the place you will visit, it will help you avoid adjusting to the new time zone when you are already there and you will feel less tired.
26. Have an internet ready device with you
Using the internet in different locations while traveling can get really expensive, especially when you travel for a long time. You never know when you need to access bank accounts of travel information.
27. Have some noise-cancelling headphones with you
Even if they are a little more expensive, you will love having them when a baby cries or there is too much noise around you.
28. Have a sarong in your bag
Because they are light and have multiple purposes you can: use them at the beach, use them when you are cold, use them as towels, as skirts, as dresses, etc.
29. Don’t sweat the small stuff
Life is more than being concerned about small and unimportant things, be relaxed and enjoy everything that you are living in the moment.
30. Get a Kindle
If you love reading and you love reading everywhere, the best option to have your favorite books with you is to purchase a kindle. Everything you love will be on one small and light device.
31. Use body language
When there is a situation where you can’t use language to get what you want, use your body, move, show what you want! Remember to smile!

32. Get a local guide
It is much better using a local guide then a book guide, as they have a better, more in depth knowledge of any place you want to see.
33. Be careful of what you say
Even if you are in a foreign country and you think people can’t understand you, you might be wrong. You will be surprised how many times people you never thought about, would speak your language and can understand it. So, be careful what you say about anyone.
34. You will see we are all the same
One of the things you will realize when traveling is that we are all humans and we need to care for each other and be kind to each other.
35. Slow down a little bit
A vacation shouldn’t be rushed even if you have a limited time to spend in your destination. You will enjoy things much more if you eliminate rush and ease into the experience.
36. Get an insurance
You never know what might go wrong and you might need an insurance. You might get a bacteria from water and you will need hospitalization, you might fall and break your leg, who knows? Treating all of these in a foreign country might be really expensive if you don’t have a travel insurance.
37. Join a loyalty programme
Lots of companies offer bonuses and loyalty cards to their customers. That means if you stick with a company and try to use them each and every time you fly, your expenses might go down and you might enjoy some nice bonuses.
38. Avoid going only to popular places
Try to experiment and see a piece of the culture that is unseen by most. Sometimes you can find little gems when avoiding the popular “must see places”.
39. Stay calm, don’t get angry
If people don’t behave the way they should, if you meet annoying people in the airport or while visiting certain places, stay calm and just avoid them. There is no point in getting angry and ruin your time.
40. Plan your travel on your own
Hire a car and explore, sometimes it is the best way, you have the freedom to go anywhere you want, eat where you want and stop where you want!
41. Go the hard way
Challenging means rewarding, visit a country like Kazakhstan and drive there, don’t fly there. You will understand what real challenges mean.
42. Hide your guidebook
If you want to ask for directions, hide the guidebook, look like a lost tourist and people will be more open to give you help.
43. Be spontaneous if you can
Do you desire to see a specific place from a long time but you keep postponing it? Well, sometimes you just gotta go!
44. You can get tired by sitting
Yes, flying many hours might make you tired and you might feel tired even if you are resting, try to move in the plane, not just sit in one place all the way to your destination.
45. Carry some Tiger Balm with you
Tiger Balm is an asian balm that is great for relieving muscle pain and keeping mosquitos away.


46. Avoid being paranoid
Yes, a lot of things can happen and can go wrong, but why worry about all of them?
47. Know that Steak Tartare is not steak with tartar sauce
In case you don’t want to eat raw meat, remember that!
48. Saw your toothbrush in half
If you want to save space in your bag and only carry with you what you need, then you know that for brushing teeth you don’t need the entire toothbrush.
49. If you forget to get gifts, do this
You might forget to get some gifts to some people, so what can you do? Of course, buy something from the airport, you will always find some chocolates there!
50. It’s ok to fake that you’re sleeping
If you don’t want to be bothered, the best way is to fake you are sleeping. Not to mention this will also save you being ashamed when you might fart. Ups!

50 Travel Tips And Tricks That You Must Know When You Are Traveling

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