5 Hidden Dangers Of False Eyelashes

False eyelashes, who doesn’t love them? Who doesn’t love beautiful and big looking eyes? Of course, a lot of women probably don’t need them, but there are still a lot of women who have naturally small lashes and it is a great way for them to make the lashes look big, by using false ones! Besides all their beautiful effects, the lashes hide some dangers you should be aware of. Always think that everything in this world comes with advantages and disadvantages and you measure the risks before and decide for yourself if something is worth having or not. The same is with false eyelashes and we want to tell you about the hidden risks of wearing false eyelashes! More and more women want them as they see celebrities wearing them and they want to replicate their looks, but do you know what risks are involved in wearing them? You want to read this.

Five hidden dangers of false eyelashes:

1. You don’t know what the lashes are made of! 
You might be allergic to some materials the producers used to make them and this might cause you irritations or itches. Be careful!

2. Not all false eyelashes are suitable to be worn many times!
You always have to double check to see if they are especially designed to be reused or not. Using the same ones for days, maybe weeks in a row can irritate the eyes causing infections and then you will end up visiting your ophthalmologist for a situation that could have been avoided!

3. Removing them might tear off your natural lashes!
As you probably know, to put on false eyelashes requires using glue and if you glue the upper lash line you will definitely glue some real lashes too, than can be torn off when the falsies are removed.

4. False lashes can trap dirt and bacteria!
If you wear reusable lashes, in time, they will start trapping bacteria and dirt because you will go out, the air is not clean all the time, there is dust, makeup products have chemicals in them and all these factors influence bacterial development causing you infections.

5. Your eyes can become more sensitive in time!
After so much glueing and makeup, your eyes can really become sensitive and cause you problems, you might not bear wearing false eyelashes anymore.
Be careful and always think twice before using something, think if it is worth risking health for a few hours of beauty!

5 Hidden Dangers Of False Eyelashe

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