5 Cheap Beauty Tricks for Amazing Skin

5 Cheap Beauty Tricks for Amazing Skin

When it comes to beauty, a general good skin condition is very important. It is essential to eat good and healthy food and moisturize skin properly. If you can go to a salon and have all kinds of beauty treatments it is even better. Most salon beauty treatments are awesome and improve the health of the skin, but they can be very expensive. Besides salon treatments, of course a good care at home and cleansing is essential, so we will present you 5 cheap beauty tricks that can be easily made at home.

1. Clean your face with honey, it is amazing and replaces all those chemical facial cleansers. Honey has great properties such as being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and it also hydrates the skin.
How to use: Take a small amount of honey (one teaspoon) and gently massage it to your face for a few minutes then rinse. If you have very dry skin you can mix the honey with milk, and for oily skin you can use a mixture of honey and lemon.

2. Treat acne with tea tree essential oil which is a great antibacterial wonder of nature.
How to use: Take a clean spray bottle and put 20 drops of tea tree oil in it together with some distilled water. Spritz your clean face with it and let it work and soak into the skin. Repeat a few times a day and after a period of 1 to 2 weeks you should start seeing results.

3. Coconut oil for face moisturizing is considered even better than most creams you can find in stores that are especially created for skin hydration. Coconut oil gives a deep moisturizing to the skin on long term.
How to use: Apply on a clean skin, before bed, a small amount of coconut oil, it will strengthen the underlying tissues and removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

4. Use more homemade facial masks. Almost every facial mask you can find in commerce is with chemicals. Nature offers the best solution for that. Use ingredients you have in the kitchen as avocado, tomatoes, olive oil, potatoes, etc. and create masks for yourself. Experiment with them and you will see great results.

5. Massage your face more often for a healthier skin. Massaging can improve circulation of blood in small vessels, removes puffiness and dark circles. Try it out for 30 minutes every day for about one week and you will see how amazing are the differences.

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