36 DIY Ideas For A Better Organized Jewellery Storage

Do you find it difficult to organize all your jewelry? Do you have many pieces which are sitting in the drawer in a mess? If you don’t have a smart way to store them, then you might find out that the more you buy the harder it is to keep everything organized. All those necklaces, earrings and bracelets can get tangled if you just keep them in a box. We think that jewelry has to be displayed and organized nicely and creatively to bring you delight and make your life easier when you need to pick something to go with your outfit.

You might think that the easiest way to start getting your jewelry organized is to just buy a stand, but you will see here that is not the only way.

You will find here 36 surprisingly creative DIY ideas that will help you keep your precious pieces in an organized manner. From cork board and clothes hangers to muffin trays and ladder, you can use so many things from here that you would have never thought about using. A lot of them can be also useful if you think about transporting jewelry so make sure you check all of them out.

Feel free to use the organizing ideas also in a combined manner and play with your creativity so you make the best jewelry stand for yourself!

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